The Agony of Truck Accidents and Why You Need Auto Injury Attorney

The number of commercial vehicle accidents is on the rise, and anyone can be a victim. You neither have to be the one at fault nor be a driver to be involved in a truck accident. An accident may come as a result of a mistake by another motorist, pedestrian, or animal. It’s these various causes that are responsible for the growing number of truck accidents. And this growing number explains why our courts are awash with auto injury cases.

Even in a scenario where the person at fault appears to be obvious, things might get quite complex when they hit the corridors of justice. It’s for this reason that you need a Houston personal injury lawyer like Wilvin J. Carter to help you fight your case in the courts.

A report by Isaacs and Isaacs estimated that in America alone, about 3,660 accident deaths in 2014 resulted from a collision with a big truck. The report states that 68% of these deaths were as a result of cars or other trucks, 15% were cyclists or bike riders, and the rest were pedestrians.

Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

1.  Driver Error

Most accidents are at the fault of the driver. The fault can be a result of one or more reasons. Fatigue, carelessness, misleading assumptions, drunken driving, drug-related causes, and truck driver negligence are among the top causes of truck accidents.

A driver can also cause an accident due to lack of experience. This is why it’s always advisable that you hit the road only if you have the requisite skills and experience.

2.  Mechanical Fault

The second most obvious and common problem behind most accidents is a mechanical fault in the truck. This may include brake or engine failures, among other breakdowns. Research has established that 27% of cases of semi-truck accident accidents are as a result of mechanical faults.

Even though accidents resulting from mechanical faults are many, they can be avoided easily if the truck is properly serviced and maintained according to expert recommendations.

3.  Loose Cargo

While loose cargo falling out doesn’t cause damage to the truck in most cases, it can cause havoc to the road or road users. A falling cargo has the potential of causing other serious accidents, especially if it takes place on a busy highway or street. The actual cargo that falls out determines the magnitude of the accident. It can be anything from just a small material to large and heavy metal that would smash whatever it hits.

Falling cargo causes a very high number of accidents. Research conducted by AAA from 2011 to 2014 showed that over 200,000 accidents were a result of cargo or debris falling out of trucks. Two-thirds of these were related to improperly secured cargo that dropped off a truck and hit the road or other vehicles. Such figures cannot be taken for granted.

Whatever the cause of an accident, fight for your right against personal injury or damages from a truck accident. Seek the services of our Fort Bend personal injury lawyer, Wilvin J. Carter. Having a personal injury attorney who specializes in auto accident cases will give you the best chance for a winning case.

Remember that the law firm you choose to work with should have the requisite experience to handle a case of the nature you’re involved in, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant.

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