How Auto Accidents Can Be Life-Changing

We all travel at one time or another. Whether frequently or rarely, there are serious risks involved every time you hit the road. These risks vary in probability and magnitude, depending on the means you’re using. Auto accident, semi-truck accident, and motorcycle accident cases are the most common in our courts.

One of the biggest causes of accidents is motor vehicles. When riding in a car, public service or otherwise, there is a probability of getting involved in an accident. This probability is further determined by many other factors, including the care you take as a driver or passenger, the nature of the road, weather, and emotional state, among others.   

According to a report by ASIRT, auto accidents cause about 3,287 deaths per day, with 20-50 million people suffering one form of disability or the other. The report further states that nearly 50 percent of the victims are persons aged between 14 and 55 years.

Injuries in Auto Accidents

Car, motorcycle, and semi-truck accidents leave traumatizing effects on their victims. The injuries vary in gravity and may affect different parts of the body. While some go away after a short time, others change the victim’s life either in the long term or forever.

Below are some of the auto-related injuries.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are the most common type of wounds sustained by auto accident victims. They’re also one of the cases that often result in permanent disability on the victim. Head injuries include skull fractures, lacerations, internal bleeding, and hemorrhaging.

Broken Bones

The second most common type of auto injury is broken bones. These include broken ribs, legs, arms, and fractures. A broken rib might also puncture your lungs or other soft organs inside your body. If such a thing happens the complication might be amplified to a higher level.

Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding may be caused by broken bones puncturing internal organs or severed nerves inside the skin. They’re a serious threat because they often take a long time to detect and act upon.

Psychological Issues

If you’ve survived an accident, there is every possibility that you remember every last second of it. This may trigger a response in your sub-conscious for that particular moment and cause you to become sensitive to similar situations. This might give rise to psychological issues like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

How Can An Auto Accident Change Your Life?

Where disabilities are a constant cause of feeling unwanted and “low-key” for people, being disabled may trigger extreme emotional swings. It’s estimated that about 18.9% of disabled personnel suffer from bipolar disorder in America.

Treatment and remedy of this type of disability cost thousands of dollars and the results are still close to uncertain. The ripple effect is a wave of financial and emotional instability in the family.

Being disabled will limit your activities and most probably restrict your movements. If you’re not able to do simple things like walking or holding things, you’re likely to suffer stress and frustration. The feeling of being a “burden” to other people may also result in further stress.

It’s these reasons that make motivation and self-handling the most important aspect of a disabled person’s life.

If you’ve been disabled by an auto accident and you’d seeking compensation through a legal procedure, you must get a car accident injury lawyer.

Not Just an Attorney, a Skilled One

An accident isn’t always your fault. It can happen because of another person’s fault. If it happens because of another party’s negligence, the responsible party should take responsibility and you should be compensated. In the legal circles, it’s not just about saying someone was responsible. You must prove it.

Having the services of a skilled car wreck lawyer is key to preparing a strong case against the responsible party. An experienced Houston truck accident lawyer like Wilvin J. Carter is your best bet.

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